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and lastly some renderpasses used in compositing the images:

-Ambient Occlusion pass: adds additional definition in the shadow areas and crevices.
-Shadow only pass: used as a selection to control the shadows individually.
-Emissive only pass: used to further boost both the eyes of the atlas and spectres.
-Specular pass: specular part of the light reflecting off the model, used to further boost and shade the models.
-Reflection pass: reflection part of the light reflection, also used to give more control in the composite.
-Selection mask: simple mask that can be easily split up into 3 different masks for the 3 different models by using the Red Green & Blue channels
-Normals pass: used for additional lighting control in the composite stage, these showcase the normal angle of all the surfaces, when split up into Red Green & Blue these can be used as masks.
-Zdepth pass: used for depth of field blurring aswell as a mask for distance fog.

Some making of Tinyfall screengrabs; Wireframes, Flatshaded, Albedo (color only) and with final lighting lighting

new stuff coming soon.

new stuff coming soon.

fun with worldmachine & realtime terrains, original resolution;

fun with worldmachine & realtime terrains,
original resolution;

So do you render them from scratch in z or do u do the major construction in another prog and import?

It’s traditionally modeled (polys & subdiv surfaces), then exported into zbrush for additional detailing like the cloth folds, i tend to use a whole mixed bag for the modelling between some custom stuff, blender & 3dsmax aswell.

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some zbrush and flatshaded shots for the happyDayZ piece.