lasanbrian said: I just came across your tumblr and it awesome. I'm in college and in one of my classes were working with 3-D modelling. I was wondering what program or programs you used to do the do stuff on here? They look amazing!

at the moment i tend to model everything in Clay (little subsurf modeler package a good friend of mine wrote that we’re testing out) But it’s not that much different from things like Modo or Silo. I tend to do most of my uv/unwrapping in Blender since it has a nice set of tools for that, If the model requires more microdetail or is extremely dependant on organic shapes ill run it through zbrush (i try to keep this to a minimum cause it’s always damn tempting to go in there and start detailing the shit out of it hahaha, but in some cases it works out spengebab for example) and you end up with a model made of 6 billion polys, and then it gets hard to render.
Which brings us to rendering, which for the last 2 years i’ve been doing mainly in 3DsMax and Vray, since it has some wonderfull lighting and material things to fiddle with and takes alot of the pain out of getting something nicely lit. This is all output to openexr format in 32bit so you have a lot of lattitude when compositing, which im still doing in after effects, i’m hoping to learn Nuke soon, but that might still be a whiles away.

in short, just use what you feel comfortable with, and what gives you the least amount of grief, since in the end it’s just a tool, and those shouldn’t give you migraines.

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